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Hennessy x NBA x African Ginger


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The Brief

To capture the journey of art and community for Hennessy x NBA's 'In The Paint' campaign. Returning for the second time, Blacksmith Creative Collective documented this transformation, showcasing African Ginger's tie to Johannesburg, the "Game Never Stops" spirit, and the power of collaboration. Our 'In the Paint' aftermovie encapsulates these elements of art and community.

The Crew

The Gallery

Leaving It All on the Court with African Ginger & Hennessy x NBA's Collaboration

Amidst Johannesburg's vibrant core, the Ernest Oppenheimer Park basketball court stands as a cultural epicenter, where history, hip-hop, and art unite. Beyond sports, it's a space for spirited cyphers and dynamic games. Today, we unveil a collaborative masterpiece by African Ginger, Seth Pimentel, that revitalised this revered ground—a fusion of art, community, and Hennessy's spirit.

Seth Pimentel on the project: “The collaboration with Hennessy has unfurled a canvas for me to recount untold tales through my art. It is a manifestation of our people's essence and pays homage to the past while simultaneously illuminating a path of optimism for the future."

Rooted in local, continental, and global culture, our mission was to amplify culture, and our role in this collaboration between Hennessy x NBA and Seth Pimentel, underscores its significance.

We've been privileged witnesses to this remarkable journey, documenting the merging of art and community. Our team captured every brushstroke, preserving emotions and pivotal moments. From key visuals and animated GIFs pulsating with energy, to sweeping drone shots framing fresh perspectives, our visual storytelling amplifies this tale.

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