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Nike "MAXXED OUT" Air Max Day


Integrated Content

The Brief

We fully understand that community is the family you choose.

We were tasked with conceptualising a creative content production for the scope of this project. 

Integrated Content was our solve, it allows us to reduce overall expenditure on production costs while saving time in the long run.

The Crew
Marcus von Geyso


The Gallery

Immersing ourselves in the energy of Maxxed Out, our team skillfully captured the vibrant vibe and captivating scenes of the event. Through our lens, we brought to life the exploration, potential, and innovation that permeated every corner, delivering a visual experience that truly showcased the essence of it.

Behind our lens, the spirit of Maxxed Out came alive through our aftermovie. Seamlessly blending stills, motion, and the essence of exploration, we crafted a visual narrative to showcase the potential, innovation, and courage that defines Air Max Day. 

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