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Nike 'Be True' x VNJ Ball x FM Broadcast


Integrated Content

The Brief

To document and encapsulate the essence of Nike's 'Be True' collaboration with VNJ BALL and FM Broadcast over a two-day event, highlighting Nike's commitment to the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

The Crew

The Gallery

Over the span of two days, our aim is to capture the collaborative events between Nike 'Be True' and VNJ BALL in a spectrum of creative formats. This includes:

  • After movies to capture the event's highlights.

  • Film stereoscopics to provide a 3D perspective of the event.

  • Traditional film and digital photography to document key moments and figures.

  • GIFs & parallaxes for engaging, short-form digital content.

At the culmination of the two-day shoot, we anticipate generating over 500 distinct pieces of content that not only document the event but also amplify the message and commitment of the 'Be True' initiative.

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