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Nike x Patta "The Next Wave"


Integrated Content

The Brief

The project at hand was documenting the electrifying two-day workshop and after-party of 'The Next Wave'. Sponsored by giants, Nike and Patta, this event was conceptualized to kindle inspiration and empower the up-and-coming wave of creative leaders. From music and film to fashion and humanitarian endeavors, the workshop brought together a diverse palette of speakers. As the chosen visual custodians, our mission was to encapsulate the event's ethos, ensuring it resonated across various platforms.

The Crew

The Gallery

Rooted in the idea of progression, 'The Next Wave' was all about the ripple effect - a single idea evolving into a movement. Our approach aimed to mirror this evolution. We sought to capture not just the event, but the emotions, energy, and edification. It was about echoing the workshop's collaborative spirit, where ideas meshed, evolved, and inspired.

  • Integrated Content: We believe that the magic lies in the meld. A fusion of photographic and video techniques was employed to craft a visual tapestry. By integrating diverse content forms, we ensured a comprehensive visual narrative, more cost-effective and with a high production value.

  • Platforms & Reach: The resultant visuals were not just captivating; they were influential. Garnering attention, they were spotlighted on renowned platforms like Dazed & SNKRS. It was a testament to the content's potency in engaging and enthralling audiences globally.

  • The Global Creative Network: Our strength lies in our vast network. Spanning Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Dubai, our hubs are pulsating centers of creativity. With access to over 500+ professionals from brand strategists to animators, we provide a holistic service suite. It's how we ensure that every project, like 'The Next Wave', isn't just executed but is elevated.

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