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Play Energy Drink: The Creative Race


Integrated Content

The Brief

Our mandate for this project was precise yet broad in scope: We decided to fabricate a studio shoot that not only encapsulated the vibrancy of the Play Energy Drink brand but also seamlessly integrated the dynamism of icons, and brand ambassadors; Sho Madjozi and Cassper Nyovest. All set against an animated backdrop, with the aim to create awareness about Play Energy Drink's VW GTIs competition.

The Crew

The Gallery

The Virtual Race: This wasn't your conventional race. We designed it as a real-time virtual race in the 'Play World', characterised by an explosion of color. This realm was malleable, allowing us to weave in various elements seamlessly.

  • Conceptualisation: Before diving into the execution, a thorough brainstorming and ideation phase set the stage. Every visual, every streak of color, and every abstract element was conceptualised to align perfectly with the brand's narrative.

  • Content Production: What's a race without its moments? From the rev of engines to the whirl of colours, every moment was captured in videos and images, immortalising the essence of the Creative Race.

  • Abstract Animations: Motion was key, and we employed a plethora of abstract animations to impart a sense of dynamism. Light streaks added an additional layer of motion, providing a visual representation of the sheer speed and energy the brand stands for. These weren't random; they were intricately crafted to match the vibrant pulse of the brand.

  • Brand Elements: To ensure brand integration throughout, we punctuated our animations with brand-centric elements. Most notably, close-ups of the Play Gryphon ensured that amidst all the creativity, the brand's core symbolism was in clear focus.

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