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Puma x Blue Bulls


Integrated Content

The Brief

Our mission was intricate and layered, mirroring the depth of the Blue Bulls' legacy. Employing a multi-media approach, we were tasked to create content that would encompass the spirit of the team and the quality of Puma's new kit. Video, key visual photography, sound design, animated overlays, and special effects were all elements in our toolkit to make this unveiling an unforgettable experience.

The Crew
Diogo Mendonça


The Gallery

"This… is more than a jersey." This guiding statement was the cornerstone of our concept. It was about highlighting the significance of the kit as a symbol—of team spirit, performance, and legacy. To achieve this, we opted for a multi-faceted approach, blending various media types to craft a rich narrative that could engage multiple senses. It was about creating not just a visual spectacle but a multi-dimensional experience.

  • Key Visual Photography: Imagery has the power to make or break a narrative. Our key visual photography aimed to capture the minute details and the grandeur of the new kit, from the texture of the fabric to the gleam of the Blue Bulls emblem.

  • Video Production: The kinetic energy of the sport and the pulse of the team were best captured in motion. Video production allowed us to add context, drama, and dynamism to the new kit, making the unveiling more than just a reveal but a celebration.

  • Sound Design: The auditory experience often serves as the emotional underpinning of any visual narrative. Our epic sound design aimed to invoke the adrenaline, unity, and glory synonymous with the Blue Bulls.

  • Animated Overlays & Special Effects: These were the final brush strokes, adding a layer of depth and sophistication to our content. Animated overlays and special effects made the narrative more engaging, turning each frame into an immersive experience.

  • Multi-Media Approach: By harmonizing all these elements, we were able to create an epic unveiling befitting both Puma and the Blue Bulls. The sum was indeed greater than its parts, turning the 2023 Kit Launch into an event, a spectacle, and a testament to the power of well-crafted visual storytelling.

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