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Rossimoda AW23 Collection


Integrated Content

The Brief

Rossimoda, in its continuous pursuit of innovation, decided to break from its traditional roots, evident in their recent revamp of their Instagram. This transition ushered in the 'Create Your Legacy' AW23 Collection. Entrusting us with the rebranding brief, our task was to capture the essence of this collection, showcasing the vibrant talent of South African and African origin, all the while emphasizing the universal truth that fashion is personal, a direct channel of one's individuality.

The Crew

The Gallery

  • Integrated Content Approach: Harnessing both photography and videography, we embarked on a comprehensive content strategy. This dual-medium approach ensured a dynamic and holistic representation of the collection.

  • Visual Components: The visual ensemble included:
    - Hero Piece Capture: The spotlight of the collection deserved its distinct highlight, capturing its intricate details and essence.
    - Key Visuals: These were the pillars, the foundational imagery that encapsulated the core message of the collection.
    - Product and Lifestyle Imagery: Beyond just the apparel, the lifestyle shots brought to life the spirit of the collection, how it integrates into everyday life.
    - Short-form Reels: Modern, crisp, and engaging, these reels showcased unique features of the garments and their bespoke fits, offering snippets of the collection's allure.

  • Fashion Film: A culmination of our efforts was the fashion film for Rossimoda's AW23 Collection. This wasn't just a project; it was a testament to the trust Rossimoda placed in us, and our unwavering commitment to honor that trust with outstanding global content.

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